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IDEAS for culture

IDEAS for culture

About the competition

We announce an open Competition for the best IDEA for the development and promotion of culture. Our Competition will serve as a source of inspiration and support for IDEAS from our fellow citizens aimed at promoting diversity in the world of art and culture.

We invite you to join the competition and embark together on the path of creative inspiration and possibilities!

Participation in the competition opens doors to new opportunities in the development of culture and support of creative potential. Participation in our Competition is a unique chance to express yourself through IDEAS that can inspire and change the world around.

The best IDEAS, according to the "Apake" Foundation, will receive a cash prize.

About the prizes

The total prize pool of the Competition is ONE MILLION soms.

There are only 7 prize places announced:

Place Prize (soms)
I 300 000,0   
II 200 000,0   
III 150 000,0   
IV 100 000,0   
V 100 000,0   
VI 100 000,0   
VII 50 000,0   
Total 1 000 000,0   

Winners, besides the monetary reward, receive the opportunity to showcase their IDEAS to a large audience and gain widespread recognition for their creative initiatives. Additionally, IDEAS can become potential "magnets" for followers, sponsors, and partners.

Who can participate in the Competition

The competition for the best IDEA is a unique opportunity for talented individuals to present their creative IDEAS capable of changing the cultural environment in the world of art in our country. Anyone interested can participate in our Competition, regardless of age, gender, nationality, citizenship, appearance, origin, religion, health status, possessing creative ideas with a desire to improve the cultural atmosphere of Kyrgyzstan!

Sample Competition Topics

Our goal is to provide a platform for free self-expression and the development of creative potential. Therefore, the competition's theme is not limited but depends on your individual creativity and inspiration.

Below are some potential thematic categories that, in our opinion, can enrich and expand the cultural world:

# Potential thematic categories  
1 Culture of behavior, ethics, aesthetics, business communication, and teamwork
2 Musical, dance initiatives, visual, applied creativity
3 Literary initiatives
4 Theatrical and film projects
5 Digital multimedia art
6 Museum direction and preservation of cultural heritage and traditions
7 Culture of nutrition and healthy lifestyle
8 Culture of family relations
9 Corporate culture
10 Environmental culture
11 Sewing art, clothing design, and fashion
12 Other

We encourage you to explore ideas in the proposed categories or create your own concepts because in the world of creativity, possibilities are endless, and inspiration knows no bounds!

Steps to participate in the Competition

1. Come up with an idea in the field of cultural development that is not only feasible but also capable of positively impacting the cultural atmosphere in society.

2. Familiarize yourself with the "Procedure for Selection and Implementation of Social Projects" to fully understand the requirements and selection process.

3. Carefully review the public Offer, where all the terms of participation in this Competition are outlined.

4. If you agree with the procedure and terms of the Competition, fill out the online Application Form on our website in Russian or Kyrgyz language according to the provided sections.

These steps will help you successfully submit an application and become a contender for a prize, offering your unique idea in the field of cultural development. Good luck!


Submitting an application to participate in the Competition implies transferring the copyright to the IDEAS presented to our Foundation. Your participation in the competition implies consent to further use and implementation of ideas by the Foundation and its partners, both with and without the involvement of the Initiator, in accordance with the goals and objectives of the Foundation.

Upon completion of the Competition, our Foundation may actively support IDEAS by implementing them, acting as a sponsor, attracting additional sponsors, and conducting fundraising through crowdfunding and other forms of co-financing. The Foundation reserves the right to independently determine the possibility of cooperation with idea initiators or to carry out work without their participation.

The results obtained as a result of the practical implementation of the presented ideas become the property of the Foundation and may be used by it for various campaigns and other statutory purposes.

Evaluation Criteria for Applications

For objective evaluation of the presented ideas, we have identified 5 key criteria by which your IDEA will be assessed:

1 Community Engagement  Evaluation of the degree of community involvement in the proposed idea, the level of support from the community, and its potential impact on it.
2 Educational Potential  Analysis of the educational aspect of the IDEA, the ability of the idea/project to expand knowledge, stimulate the educational process, and contribute to the learning of the target audience.
3 Innovation  Assessment of the uniqueness and innovative approach of the proposed IDEA, the ability of the IDEA to change existing practices or introduce innovative changes.
4 Sustainability of the IDEA  Analysis of the long-term sustainability of the IDEA, its potential for successful implementation in the long term, including financial sustainability and capacity for development.
5 Inclusivity and Equality  Evaluation of the level of inclusivity and equality in the project, the ability to include diverse groups and ensure equal participation opportunities.

The applicant has the opportunity to provide a detailed description of their idea, taking into account the above-mentioned criteria. The project evaluation will be based on the information provided in the application, so success depends on the quality of completion, accuracy of data, and specificity regarding the plans and perspectives of the IDEA.

Let your creative endeavors be a source of inspiration and support!